Heads up: exhibition!
If you want to check out some of my pictures: They are currently on display at the city library.

My latest style: oil painting!

Oil painting is my latest favorite. Now I have a studio, the smell is no longer such a problem. I choose my themes from my collection of photographs. I am so glad I took so many pictures on my first vacation in Tuscany.

I take the photos I have selected as my themes to be enlarged at a copy shop, and then paint from them. The result: sweet!

Time to wield those brushes and pencils!

I`ve always been fascinated by art, ever since I was a child. I can even remember the day I painted my very first picture. Now there is hardly any style of painting or drawing I havent attempted.

Right through the history of art: from the painting of icons and panels through to oil painting, frescoes, aquarelles, water colors, airbrushing, wax crayons and drawing pencils painting and drawing are and will always be my passion.
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